Developer API: /visitor_details/by_from_nr

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This resource is used to fetch the latest online footprint details for a specific visitor using their from_nr. The response will include data for the latest session.


Mandatory parameters

Name Type Description
customer_id int Freespee's unique ID for customer.
from_nr string Callers phone number in E.164 format (+46...)

Optional parameters



Name Type Description
channel string Channel used for this visit (Paid Search/SEO/Direct/etc)
keyword string Paid search keyword used (might be empty).
js_client_data array Dynamic data array containing online identifiers picked up by the Freespee javascript, depending on enabled workflows. For example, this will contain the parameter "p_gclid_ga" containing the Google Analytics Client ID (CID) if the Google Analytics workflow is enabled.
pages_visited array List of URLs visited during this session.
first_page_visited string URL of the first page visited during this session.
last_page_visited string URL of the last page visited.
referrer string URL of the referrer (might be empty).
user_agent string User Agent as sent by the client.
mobile_user_agent int Identifier for device type used. 0 = desktop, 1 = smartphone, 2 = tablets.
ipaddr string Anonymised IP address of the visitor.
number_of_visits int Number of previous visits (sessions).
latest_sessions array Array of the 5 latest sessions made by this visitor.
advanced_assignment array Array of instructions for advanced assignments workflow.
segments array Array of segments matched for this visit.


Method not supported.


Method not supported.


Method not supported.